The Lake Forest Estates amenities are on a first come first serve basis with the ability to reserve for special occasions. The amenities are described below:

Common Area

There are over 180 acres of common land (woods, hills, and the Blue Ridge foothills) for family members to enjoy. There is a trail along the north side of the lake, on top of the dam that leads up to the Appalachian Trail on the Blue Ridge.

Lake Forest

There is a 10 acre spring fed lake and a 3 acre runoff pond for the enjoyment of members and their guests. Fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and walking around the lake is allowed. (No gas motorized boats please.) There is approximately 50 feet of common area around the perimeter of the lake. GPS coordinates 39.18, -77.82

Home and lot owners are welcome to go fishing and swimming in the 10 acre lake.

1. Keep safety in mind. Please let someone from your family know where you are.

2. If there are others fishing on the lake, please keep your distance and apply the etiquette of keeping the noise down to a whisper. Throw the small guys back in.

3. Keep the lake free of trash, plastics, woods, and leaves. Remember, we have to clean it up.

Lake Pavilion

There is a lake pavilion on the south side of the lake with plenty of parking and great for a family and friends picnic gathering. Please leave it in better shape than you received it and carry out any trash when you leave. Park only on the asphalt parking area and not out on the grass or main road.

Use the guest pass provided by the HOA and leave on the front dashboard of your car. Do not leave anything behind, thank you.

The Floating Stationary Docks

We have a few floating stationary docks that were donated by our neighbors. They are open for community use, please be courteous as you are close to someone's back yard.

The Pier

We have a wood pier on the south side of the lake near the pavilion. It is a great place to view the lake up close or do some off-the-pier fishing or launch and board a kayak.

The Basketball Court

At the northeast end of the paved lot around the pavilion, we have a basketball hoop for scrimmaging.

Lake Forest Dam

On the northern end of our spring fed lake we have a dam and a pond run off. It provides a spectacular view of the length of the lake and a very pleasant walk.

Please help keep this area clean and free of any debris as it does require an annual State Inspection and is subject to fines for such things as over growth, weeds, lack of maintenance, run-off back up, etc. A little clean up of weeds as you go would be greatly appreciated. No automobiles or motorized vehicles are allowed on the dam.

Lake Forest Trails

On the northern end of our spring fed lake at the top of the dam, we have a trail that leads to the top of the mountain and joins the Appalachian Trail. Its a solid 45 min to an hour hike up the mountain to the Appalachian Trail.

Bike and ATV Trails

A quarter mile up the North Trail on the right, we have what we affectionately call Fill Hill. We have established some bike trails and spots for those that like to camp.

Hunting and Shooting

Although by covenant and restrictions, we are allowed to designate a hunting and shooting area, we have not done so due to legal and insurance complications and requirements, therefore hunting and shooting is NOT permitted at Lake Forest Estates at this time. We will gladly accept member volunteers to assist in forming of a hunting and shooting club corporation whose immediate function is to establish rules, procedures and document how the club would function. The hunting and shooting club would monitor and operate the LFE hunting area and a range.