LFE Community

Lake Forest Estates has the goal of fostering and creating a sound, safe, and secure environment for our families and friends and maintain our core values and vision for the community. The Lake Forest Estates Property Owners Association (LFEPOA) Board of Directors is chartered to preserve the character of the neighborhood as a quiet, peaceful, secluded haven for its residents. Our mission is to nurture a collaborative and self improving neighborhood. The LFE Board's goals are to

Lake Forest Estates is a mountain and lake community. Our amenities are for the exclusive use of residents, guests, and property owners. We have our own spring fed lake, great for outdoor recreation and a breath of fresh air. We have over 180 acres of forever wild land adjacent to the Appalachian Trail on the Blue Ridge. Our common areas include a spring fed lake, picnic pavilion, and miles of trails.


The core values are:

    • Safe and secure environment

    • Family friendly

    • Trust

    • Community

    • Collaboration

    • Usability

    • Maintain property value

In our vision, we see:

    • People collaborating in their community

    • Systems that are safe, secure, and high-quality

    • A community that is enjoyable to live in, satisfying to participate in and desirable to invite family and friends to

    • Projects that act autonomously

    • Projects that are socially responsible

    • Projects that are environmentally responsible

    • Projects dedicated to maintaining the trust of its neighbors