Local Government/Services

Lake Forest Estates is locate in Jefferson County, WV. It is within the Harper's Ferry zip code: 25425. 911 service is active for emergencies in this area.

If you would like an office added or the information is incorrect, please let us know at lfehoa@gmail.com.

Animal Control/Shelters


    • Jefferson County 304-728-3224

    • County Clerk

    • Jefferson County 304-728-3215


    • Blue Ridge Mountain Volunteer Fire Company #5 304-728-8006 (Note: This link is to their unofficial website on Facebook. They do not seem to have a regular website/URL).

    • WV Fire Marshal’s Office 304-558-2191 ext.: 53214

Health Department

    • Jefferson County 304-728-8416 After Hours: 304-725-5075

    • WV Bureau of Public Health 304-725-9453

Law Enforcement

    • Sheriff's Office 304-728-3205

    • Charles Town Police 304-725-8944 304-725-2714

    • Harpers Ferry Police 304-535-2206

    • Ranson Police 304-725-2411

    • Shepherdstown Police 304-876-6036

Personal/Property Taxes

    • Jefferson County Sheriff's Tax Office 307-728-3220


    • WV Highways - District 5 Office 304-725-5821

    • Solid Waste (Trash) Authority

    • Jefferson County 304-728-0430 (Note: The link is to the JCWA Board site. The link to the transfer station for info on operating hours and charges are not working as of 14 Aug 2020)

Law Enforcement

Sheriff's Office

Charles Town Police

Ranson Police

Harper's Ferry Police

Shepherdstown Police







Law Enforcement

WV Fire Marshall's Office

Law Enforcement

Animal Control

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement